1 Introduction

 1.1 This document contains the standard Terms of Business of Ilex Law Firm and should be read in conjunction with the accompanying letter which gives information about who will be working for you, the scope of the work to be carried out and the basis of our fees. Where the terms set out in the letter differ from these standard Terms of Business, the terms of the letter will apply. If any aspect is not clear, please contact the person dealing with your work.

 2 Our Aims

 2.1 We are committed to providing all our clients with an efficient and effective service. In order to achieve this we believe that it is important to agree in advance the nature of our relationship with you. Please familiarise yourself with these Terms of Business before continuing to instruct us to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

3 Professional Rules and Practice Guidelines

 3.1 We will observe the  laws, regulations and ethical guidelines of RA advocates and accept instructions to act for you on the basis that we will act in accordance with those  laws, regulations and guidelines.

4 Your Responsibilities – Provision of Information by you

4.1 To enable us to carry out our work it is necessary that:

4.1.1 You make all payments due to us on time.

4.1.2 You provide full and accurate information necessary for dealing with your work. Where appropriate we may approach such third parties you approve for additional information or documents. We will rely on the information and documents being true, correct and complete and will not audit the information or those documents.

4.1.3 As and when requested you provide instructions to us in a timely and clear manner from time to time during the course of your work.

4.1.4 You keep us informed about significant changes in your circumstances.

 5 Service Levels

 5.1 At the outset of each matter, we will discuss with you what is to be achieved and what is necessary to achieve it. Any material developments during the course of the matter, delays, or possible deviations from your instructions will always be reported to you, but we will be guided by you as to the extent and detail to which you wish us to report. Ilex law firm  will not accept any liability arising from your failure to reply completely and accurately to any request for information or confirmation of instructions.

6 Personnel

 6.1 Your relationship with us in connection with the work to which these Terms of Business relate is with Ilex law firm and not with an individual person.

6.2 In our view, a close relationship with clients is essential to achieving our aims and to this end a specific director will always be assigned with overall responsibility for your work. As individual directors specialise in different types of work, it may be that more than one director undertakes this task. In addition, in order to obtain the benefit of specialist skills and provide the highest quality service in the most cost effective way for you, the director responsible may assign tasks to another executive or assistant under his supervision, but will still retain overall responsibility.

6.3 We try hard to avoid changing the staff who may be dealing with your work, but if this becomes unavoidable we will promptly notify you of any changes in personnel.

 7 Statement of Equality

 7.1 Ilex law firm operates a policy of equality throughout the firm and does not discriminate against any person on the grounds of sex, race, marital or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, pregnancy, maternity or paternity, disability, age, religious or other beliefs.


8 Further Instructions and Fees

You might instruct us to deal with a matter via email or signed documents.

If there is any exact fee agreed with you, than the fee agreed shall be paid in terms and conditions agreed accordingly in advance. If the fee has not been agreed in advance and /or/ your further instruction will be out of the scope of the services, then our standard fee shall be applicable for such matters, which will range from USD 100 to USD 350 per hour of work rendered to resolve such matters, being calculated based on the personnel involved and other factors included but not limited on the hours, days and difficulty of the matters. Payment for the Services shall be made within 5 working days commencing from the date such request has been provided from iLex.

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