If a foreigner commits an offence by a vehicle not registered in the area of RA.
Have you committed an offence by a vehicle not registered in RA?, do you think a video camera fixed it, but don't you receive the administrative act of offence?
What should foreigners know, appeared in such a situation: answers attorney Ms.Hasmik Ohnikyan

-Regardless of the fact, whether you leave the border of RA by the vehicle involved in the offense or without it, before giving a permission of crossing the border, you will be provided with the administrative act established regarding to this offense, by the competent body, as well as, with memorandum about the administrative act execution procedures and legal consequences of non-compliance of such. In the case where the administrative act, by the fact of offence is established after you crossed the border of RA, so the decision will be handed over you the next time when you cross the border, before giving the permission of crossing the border.
It should be noted that
In the case of not paying the penalty within a prescribed 30 days period defined by the decision, the factual amount of not paid fee will be increased of 25 percent, and in case it’s not paid during 60 days- excessive fine of 50 percent will also be applicable.
You have a right to determent the payment of the fine for not more than on a 6 month term. An Application with the request of deferment of the Penalty should be submitted to the police station, in a ten days period after receiving the decision about assigning a fee. In the case of submitting an application, the period of payment is considered prolonged by the term mentioned in the application. In case of failure to pay the penalty, within the specified period noted in the application, the amount of the factually non-paid fine increases by 50 percent.
If the decision to impose a penalty is not agreed with, you can appeal it. First you need for appellation is the offense recorded by video which constitutes a ground for imposing administrative penalty. The administrative body is obliged to provide you with the copy of the video by your written request or the request of your representative during three working days following the day application was submitted to appropriate instance. The copy is made on the carriers provided by you. It should be taken into account, the responsibility for the committed offence holds the person imported the vehicle in the Republic of Armenia or exporting it (the person crossing the border of the Republic of Armenia by that vehicle). In the case you decide to appeal the decision, so it should be taken into account, that in the case of leaving your complaint without relief, the calculation of paying the fee will commence from the date of the receipt of the decision about rejection of your appeal. In this case also, not paying a fee within a 30 days period the factual amount of not paid fee will increase of 25 percent, and in the case of not paying within 60 days period, of 50 percent will also be in place..
Non-payment of the fee on the prescribed procedure and deadline leads to unfavorable preconditions, which are provided for by Article 7.1 ''About the features of the administrative case implemented about the infringement of traffic rules, revealed by video or photographing devices'' on the law of RA.
In the case, you fail to carry out the responsibility to pay the penalty prescribed by law, the provision of an entry visa to the Republic of Armenia will be dismissed, the provided entry visa will be repealed, or the entrance to the Republic of Armenia will be prohibited, for a year's time after the day of the decision being undisputable. A decision is considered to be undisputable after the end of the deadline of appealing mentioned in it.


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