Trademark Opposition in Armenia

Opposition by a Third Party Based on the Absolute grounds for TM rejection

Within two months, after the date of publication of the application, any third party may submit a written notice to AIPA (Armenia trademark office) against the registration of the claimed trademark that the registration is subject to refusal based on the grounds set forth in Article 9 of the Trademark Law.

Within a one-month period after the date of receipt of such notification, AIPA shall send a notification to the applicant, to submit its observations on such opposition. In the applicant fails to respond within the time limit, the opposition shall be reviewed by AIPA on the basis of available materials.

(Article 9 of the Trademark Law of Armenia provides the comprehensive list of such rejection)

Opposition by an IP owner or a Third Party Based on the Relative grounds for TM rejection

Within two months, commencing from the date of publication of the application, the holders of a trademark , as well as the holders of rights to an earlier designation of the protected geographical indication or designation, design or utility model, name or a surname, pseudonym, image , copyright holders, or any other interested person may submit written objection/s/ against the registration of a proposed mark to AIPA (Armenian Intellectual Property Agency)claiming that the registration shall be rejected on the grounds set out in Article 10 of the Law on Trademarks of Armenia.

(Article 10 of the Trademark Law of Armenia provides the Relative grounds for a TM rejection)

State Fee shall be paid upon filling an opposition.

Per the law on State Duty of Armenia the fee for filling an opposition is 10.000 AMD

Within 3 days upon receipt of an opposition AIPA conducts examination of such opposition ad notifies the applicant of an opposed trademark to submit its considerations with regard of such opposition with a one month period. If the applicant won’t revert in a specified time period the examination shall be carried out by AIAP based on the available materials.

AIPA’s decision on opposition

As a result of considerations and objections, AIPA shall make one of the following decisions:

1) Full or partial satisfaction of the observation or objection and the refusal of registration of a trademark for all the goods and / or services listed in the application or part thereof;

2) rejection of an observation or an objection.
Do You Need Help With the Trademark Opposition Process in Armenia?

If you have any questions about pursing a trademark opposition against someone else’s application, or need some help defending an opposition filed against your trademark application, please do not hesitate to contact us for legal consultation.

Our Trademark Opposition practice includes the following services:

  •      Trademark Journal Watch Service
  •      Advising on the likelihood of success of a proposed opposition.
  •      Initiating trademark opposition actions against trademark applications
  •      Defending trademark opposition actions
  •      Drafting applications and making representations before the Armenian Trademark Office
  •      Negotiating amicable settlement between opposing parties;
  •      Court representation

Our trademark attorneys can assist with advising on trademark oppositions and cancellations legal issues. As your trademark opposition attorney, ilex Law Firm may also represent you in any trademark opposition matter before the Armenian Trademark Office.

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